Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moving My Blog!!

hey everyone. im moving my blog. heres the link to copy and paste:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip To Japan 5/9/10

Today is my birthday in America (its a whole nother day in america right now.) and today was a pretty good day. We went outside of the hotel to meet up with the guy who drove us and took us to the train station. We went on a 2-1/2 hour bullet train ride to kyoto.

On the way, we saw some mountains. Some had snow on top of them.

When we arrived in kyotom we did a 6 hour tour. I was extremely tired but i stuck it out. The first place we went to was a palace. It was veeeerrrry old. We toured around the gardens first. Everything was so pretty!

We were walking and saw some kids stare at us. They came our way and they were like "good morning"and we said the same. We kept going and noticed that they were coming back. lol. They came up to us and it turned out that they were taking english classes and wanted to practice with us. That made me happy to see that they took the time to come up to us. They all started to take pictures of us and everything and the girls took pictures of my little brothers and told them they were cute in japanese(this is not the first time this has happened on this trip. The girls LOVE my brothers) I had fun.

After that we went to a kimono museum

and then a kimono fashion show! It was awesome and i got some good pictures. :)

guess which one was my favorite?

It was the red one and yellow one (HAH!)......okay...and the purple <3

after that we went to this market to get some things to eat. It was really cool! The ceiling had different colored glass on it and it looked very pretty with the sun shining through. While we were there, more girls started paying attention to my brothers *rolls eyes*. we also had takoyaki there. it was pretty good. But the cook didnt fry it long enough so it was a taaaad bit battery inside and it made the round shape the takoyaki balls had go flat. but it was still pretty

doesnt look that appetizing now does it? yea i know. but it was pretty good. lol. if your wondering what the brown stuff all over it is, its Worstershire (however you spell it) sauce.

After that, we went to a doll museum. It was cool. We got to dress up in kimonos and everything. The colors on it were pretty. (btw sorry for the un-flipped pictures)

Now after that, we took a ride around town until we reached the train station. Our tour guide, gave me this super cute cell phone charm. I hooked it to my camera though. :) I bought some sweets again and then headed back to the bullet train. I ate a few pieces of the stuff i got and passed out. I couldnt take it anymore. That whole day i was SOOO tired(slightly cranky but i managed to hold that in)

man these things were good. one had a spicy cinnamon flavor and the other one had a sweet green tea flavor. i dont even like green tea but these were good.
And look what my DS told me ^_^lol

Translation: Tanjoubi omedetou! Kyo wa Miyako <3 san no tanjoubi desu.
English: Happy birthday! Today is Miyako's birthday.

leave it up to my DS to remember, Even i forgot this morning. My mom reminded me. lol. and look its in rainbow colors ^_^ pretty.